Sugar Sammy’s You’re Gonna Rire 2 - 85,000 Tickets Sold!


The show that leaves no one indifferent Is Sold Out for 2023
More Shows Added in Quebec in 2024
Montréal, Québec, Sherbrooke, Gatineau & Trois-Rivières
Sugar Sammy Returns As A Celebrity Judge On La France a un incroyable talent
Takes You’re Gonna Rire 2 On The Road Across Canada
And Continues His Takeover Of The US In 2024 With A New American Tour

Sugar Sammy is a veritable phenomenon, the likes of which this country has never seen before, and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon! The multilingual comedy superstar’s You’re Gonna Rire 2 has completely sold out all its 2023 dates in Quebec for a total of 85,000 tickets sold to date. Consequently, new shows have been added in Quebec for 2024 in Montreal, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivieres, Québec City and Gatineau. Tickets are on sale now at

With such unheralded success in Quebec under his belt, Sugar Sammy now has his sights set on francophone communities across Canada, studying and exploring their idiosyncrasies, as only he knows how, and turning it into comedy gold taking You’re Gonna Rire 2 on the road to Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary (sold out), Vancouver, Moncton (2 shows) and Toronto next Fall. Tickets are almost gone, so best to act fast!

Once he has properly Sammy-fied Canadian audiences, he’ll continue his US takeover in 2024 with shows in Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Miami, Sacramento, San Francisco and Chicago and more!

In August, Sugar Sammy will return to France to shoot the 18th Season of La France a un incroyable talent (French version of America’s Got Talent), which reaches 3.5 – 4.2 million viewers per week. This is his 6th season as a celebrity judge.

Since its premiere in May, You’re Gonna Rire 2 had everyone talking, inciting discussions about the current state of Quebec and the world. Regardless of audience perspectives or point of view, one thing is certain: he definitely accomplished what he set out to do by sparking passionate agreement, heated opposition, anger, joy, and a variety of perspectives and opinions, but all delivered with his unmistakable charm. Sammy definitely gets people to think about their own cultures and sometimes even redefine their own perspectives. Plus he’s hilarious, and leaves no stone unturned - and he’s one of Canada’s top comedians for exactly those reasons.

"C’est cute vos p’tites réactions" - Sugar Sammy

" … maintenant il a les poches pleines de «Fuck You » money… et donc la liberté de dire ce qu’il veut sans craindre les conséquences... Et cette liberté-là est exaltante à voir aller, à se déployer sur scène." - Rebecca Makonnen, Radio Canada
"J’ai vu ce spectacle et j’ai ri du début à la fin […] il a tenu promesse : You’re gonna rire 2, son nouveau spectacle bilingue, tire sur tout ce qui bouge et sera présenté partout au Québec parce que "c’est là qu’on est rendu" " - Chantal Guy, La Presse
“It’s a grittier, much harder-hitting Sugar Sammy […] You’re Gonna Rire 2, will induce uncontrolled body spasms, and, guaranteed, you will “rire” like you haven’t for far too long a time.” - Bill Brownstein, The Montreal Gazette
"J’ai eu l’idée de me faire accompagner par un professionnel de l’humour politique : Guy Nantel. Il a trouvé l’idée fameuse et nous nous faisions une joie de rire à nos dépens puis d’aller rencontrer Sammy dans sa loge pour partager nos fous rires avec lui."  - Jean Francois Lisée, Le Devoir  
"Jean-François voulait le voir à la fin du spectacle … j'étais prêt à le suivre."  - Guy Nantel, La rencontre Nantel-Durocher
 "Superbe spectacle ce soir de @SugarSammy à Montréal ! Et au première loge pour le voir travailler son public. Il est vraiment un des grands humoristes/comedians de sa génération." - Bruno Guglielminetti

“If you want to laugh you will seriously die of laughter […] He likes to insult everyone equally. Sugar Sammy is good at that and there’s a charm to him. Highly recommend going to see it!” - Cousin Vinny, Virgin Radio
"…il a entamé la tournée de son spectacle bilingue You’re gonna rire 2, qui va se promener de Québec à Gatineau, de Trois-Rivières à Magog, de Montréal à Sherbrooke. Chouette!, on va pouvoir se faire faire la morale dans les deux langues officielles du Canada." - Sophie Durocher, Journal de Montreal 

"Son dernier spectacle, parait-il, si j’en crois les critiques, je ne l’ai pas vu, mais si j’en crois les critiques, il fesse tout le temps sur la même cible, c’est à dire les francophones.” - Richard Martineau, QUB Radio
“The choice of locale (Centre Pierre-Péladeau) is a delicious twist given the homegrown comedian’s reputation as a bête noire of Quebec nationalists…” - Konrad Yakabuski, Globe & Mail


About Sugar Sammy
Sugar Sammy is now a powerhouse international phenomenon and a growing force online. His popular Improv Moments clips in both English and French are YouTube gold, with 200 million views combined across all social media platforms.
He’s performed over 1,900 shows in 32 countries, in English, French, Hindi, and Punjabi. His groundbreaking bilingual show, You’re Gonna Rire sold out 420 performances and 372,000 tickets, making it the best-selling debut one-man show in Quebec’s history and making Sugar Sammy one of the top 5 favourite comedians of all time according to this Leger poll. Its record-breaking finale was performed in front of 115,000 people outdoors at the Just For Laughs festival.
On May 13th, Sugar Sammy received the "keys" to the Arts and Lifestyle section of La Presse+. In addition to presenting his various favorites places, the guest editor also participated in a few interviews where he shared his story, his views on politics, and the importance of bilingualism, among other things. Click here to read Sugar Sammy's La Presse+ experience as a the guest editor.
Two of the US’s most prestigious daily papers have profiled him, with a feature that appeared in both the New York Times and on the front page of its international edition and an interview on the front page of the Washington Post’s Arts section, a privilege bestowed on few performers. In 2019, he was profiled on CTV’s national newsmagazine W5, which visited with him in both Montreal and Paris. His numerous awards include Comedian of the Year at French daily newspaper Le Parisien’s prestigious Gala Les étoiles and 3 Olivier awards in Quebec, including the prestigious Comedian of the Year award.





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